Broadcast Influencer

Broadcast Influencer

Julie is an award winning journalist and broadcast journalist. Julie has appeared on various news sites, including Fox News Channel, USA Today, and The Travel Channel.

As a television guest and broadcast influencer, Julie discussing everything from the latest travel news to how to save money. Prior to focusing on travel news, Julie spent ten years as an investigative and beat reporter for CNN affiliates in the northeast. 

Julie began her career at NBC News in New York, working as an intern for Dateline NBC News. At 30 Rock, she learned the ropes from the best in the business — veterans like Hoda Kotb and Jane Pauley.
Other internships included, satellite media tour company Medialink and the Downtown Community Television Center, run by documentary film director Jon Alpert.
Broadcast Influencer

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  1. Hi Julie! Sorry to bother you here, I saw your HARO on the Wine Experts for NBC News and realized I was late! Happy to send over quotes from one of my clients, Bertil Jean Chronberg, owner of two of Boston’s top restaurants, Beehive and Beat Brasserie, as well as a Montreal native – Bertil had one of the most memorable restaurants in Montreal, and has spent half his life researching, curating and developing wine programs for himself and for his restaurants! Thanks!

  2. Hello Julie,

    I saw your HARO post for your Gifts your teen will love, but I missed your deadline. I think our Persist journal is perfect for your segment and thought I would take the chance and see if you might reconsider taking a look. Young girls will be inspired by the words of these historical women as well as be able to learn a little bit about who they are/were and their accomplishments.

    We created a line of journals called Persist: A Journal with Quotes from Woman Who Persisted. It is a lined writing journal that includes quotes from women who have persisted and prevailed. Intended to be both inspirational and educational, the 81 women featured in Persist, beginning with Joan of Arc and ending with Malala Yousafzai, were selected to remind us of what is truly important. The women of Persist, both famous and infamous alike, from Elizabeth Warren, Oprah and Rosa Parks to Grace Hopper, Helen Thomas and Calamity Jane speak to us from a unique historical perspective. Their combined words create a living wisdom.

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    We have a business consulting company called What If? Ideation and have found so many of our women clients can’t get the funding they need for their education or business ideas. We started What If? Publishing as a way for our clients to use their knowledge to create another revenue stream by publishing a book.

    You can purchase the Persist Journals at our website where you will also find mugs and t-shirts with your favorite quotes from the journal, or on

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  3. Love your work! I’d love to talk to you about writing or covering a story about fun gifts for dads. I represent Solowheel which would make a perfect high end rideable gift. Let me know if you have time to chat tomorrow. Since you are a journalist, there is an interesting angle here as well regarding Chinese knockoffs. I think there is a unique angle in that some dads hate them, and this product is designed in the U.S.A., in Portland and is the original. You could potentially do a story about dads loving ‘originals’ who won’t settle for second best.

  4. Darn! I just missed your HARO deadline. Here’s what I submitted:
    Gifts for someone with everything – but does the cat have everything?
    This holiday season is a purrfect time to pamper the furry four-legged companion. Catios (“cat patios”) come in all shapes and sizes to safely accommodate cats who love to sun worship, bird watch and climb. They’re an aesthetically pleasing solution for the cat guardian with an “indoor-outdoor” dilemma.

    Cynthia Chomos, a feng shui and color consultant, applies those skills to her other business as the founder-designer at Catio Spaces. She builds custom catios in the Greater Seattle and also offers DIY (Do It Yourself) plans for those who want to build their own or hire their own carpenter. The options include plans for windows, decks, patios and yards.

    Catios provide many benefits to protect pets while giving them a safe environment for sunbathing, birdwatching and exercising. See the top 10 benefits on the Catio Spaces website.

    The DIY plans come complete with a materials list, a tools list and step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Whether constructed by a true DIY-er, or with assistance from a carpenter, they’re rewarding to build. Check out the “catimonials” on the website.

    Procrastinators will like catios as they come as downloadable PDFs so can be a great last-minute gift. It even gives twice: Cynthia donates 10% from the sale of each DIY plan to an animal welfare organization.

    Useful links:
    Benefits of catios:
    About DIY plans (+ info/images on the options):
    Newsroom & photo gallery:
    4 minute video from “Seattle Refined”:
    High res images are available.

    Thank you for considering this suggestion.

  5. I wanted to introduce you some really cool gifts at–a must have for wine, whisky or coffee lovers. Also great for a host/hostess, that someone who has everything or that hard to buy for friend.

    Their various aroma kits range from $27.95 – $399 and are, very simply, the are the real deal and truly enhance one’s experience. It’s one gift guaranteed to impress and not be re-gifted! 😉

    Happy Holidays!!

    -Kendra Lee

  6. Good Evening Julie,

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