Angela Kinsey Helps Launch The Ice Cream Exchange

Broadry Newsroom

Wondering what you should do with that trinket you scored during a White Elephant, Swap, Secret Santa, or Virtual Gift Exchange?

Ask Angela Kinsey.

The actress, best known for playing Angela on The Office sitcom, is on a mission this holiday season to help give fans a delicious solution to unwanted holiday gifts.

Kinsey has partnered with the Ice Cream Exchange. The idea? “Turn in” odd gifts in exchange for possible sweet deals on ice cream delivery. Angela talked with Broadry Newsroom about her latest campaign:

What is a Holiday Exchange? 

Angela: It’s a type of party tradition around Christmas time. It has different names depending on where you live. White Elephant Party, Yankee Swap, etc. Each participant brings a quirky or silly wrapped gift to a party, usually all gifts are of similar value, and everyone takes turns swapping them.

Why do you like them or why do you hate them?

Angela: I LOVE Yankee Swap parties! It’s good festive fun! Plus, you get to take home a very random gift!

What is the most disappointing gift you received?

Angela: I don’t know if I would call any of them disappointing. The whole point of a Yankee Swap party is to bring quirky items. Rather than “disappointing” how about the “oddest” gift I received? That would be a porcelain doll that pops out of a box! It’s kind of frightening to look at.

Have you ever regifted? 

Angela: Sure! I think regifting and reusing is a good thing BUT here’s the deal… you have to own it! I once gave my sister a scarf I had been given. It wasn’t a color I would normally wear but I thought she would like it. So, I told her up front it was a regift and she loved it!

What can one do to get rid of those unwanted gifts? 

Angela: Well you can try regifting or this year you can go to the and write in to tell us the oddest gift you’ve received. From there, you select the delivery service of your choice and receive a sweet deal like free ice cream delivery or a discount on ice cream! Getting delicious ice cream delivered right to your front door doesn’t get rid of your unwanted gift but at least you get a sweet deal on ice cream!

What are some tips to make holiday swaps more fun?

Angela: Have everyone come in an ugly Christmas sweater and of course have ice cream, yummy snacks, and adult beverages.

What holiday traditions do you observe?

Angela: For years I hosted my own Yankee Swap Christmas party. It was a blast! Also, on Christmas Eve, my family gets new holiday pajamas, we cozy up with hot cocoa and all get to open one gift.

How is your holiday going to be different this year?

Angela: We are not traveling to see our families. We are sad but know it’s the right thing to do during the pandemic. We don’t want anyone to get sick.

How are you going to make your holiday this year memorable or special?

Angela: My husband and I thought we would make a video scrapbook of the holiday for our families since we all can’t be together. Every day in December we’ll make a little video with the kids to send to our parents. And of course, we are going to play lots of board games, watch some movies and do some holiday crafting. We love crafting! This year we are making mini Christmas trees out of construction paper and are going to decorate the house with them.

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