Ask Brad: 5 Family Travel Hotspots For Summer 2022

Ask Brad

It’s time to get out there and travel again! Here are our favorite destinations for family travel in summer 2022, and how to save on getting there!


It seems like every kid’s wish is to visit Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando. If you’re a parent that wants to grant a wish, or maybe you’re interested yourself, you can definitely save big on Disney using our guide for airfare, hotels, park tickets, and more.

Universal Orlando is where you’ll find the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which stretches across both of the resort’s theme parks. If you’re looking to still look like a great parent in your kid’s eyes, but want to save compared to a Disney vacation, consider Universal Orlando. The parks can be conquered in about 2 1/2 days, versus 4 or more days at Walt Disney World. Plus, if you stay at one of Universal’s three Premier level hotels, front-of-the-line Universal Express passes are included with your room, making for a much more stress-free vacation.

San Diego

San Diego is one of my favorite cities in Southern California, brimming with Spanish history, incredible vistas, and some awesome family travel destinations. My favorites include the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and Cabrillo National Monument.

One great options for San Diego to save money is to buy a CityPass. This includes admission to some of San Diego’s best attractions (like the San Diego Zoo), and gives enough activities for a family to choose from over a long weekend or weeklong trip. Of course, there’s always the beach in San Diego as well- Mission Beach being my favorite.

The Caribbean

If you’re trying to fly a family to your favorite Caribbean island this summer, you may find yourself coming across some steep airfares. That’s because many others are having the same idea as you! If your family is still itching for that beach vacation, consider taking a cruise from Miami (our partner Avoya has some of the best deals online for cruises). You’ll save a bundle on flights to Miami instead of international flights, and you’ll be able to visit mutliple destinations. Just keep in mind the additional requirements to cruise due to Covid.

National Parks of the Southwest

In “normal” times, I’d recommend a family road trip to the National Parks of the Southwest as a cheap way to spend some PTO. However, rental cars have continued to be incredibly expensive during the pandemic, with rates I’ve never seen before. In addition, we might be in for high gas prices due to some geopolitical reasons in 2022. So, if you can take your own car that’s hopefully all-electric, you could be in for a very cheap family vacation!

If you do opt to rent a car, I always recommend searching on AutoSlash for the best car rates. Activities in the national parks are free once you purchase an annual pass ($80), which is good for your car at places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and over 400 other parks in the United States.


For those of you that still are itching to travel internationally, Mexico is still a great bet. Reasonably priced, and close to the United States, Mexico is open for tourism and has operated safely during the pandemic (I should know- I’ve been four times so far).

Families have a choice of coasts, with the cool waters of the Pacific off of Cabo San Lucas offering some great all-inclusive options, or the ever-popular Cancún with Caribbean waters. Just keep in mind the heat on the Caribbean side during the summer can be strong, and hurricanes are a possibility during the summer travel season.

To save, I recommend looking at package trips through Expedia from your home airport. They offer lots of options to customize trips to your family’s needs, and you can even search by date to find the best rates during your summer break.

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