Ask Brad: Cheap Ray-Bans?

Ask Brad: Cheap Ray-Bans?

Brad: In the last few years, we’ve seen certain retailers go above and beyond when offering excellent prices on Ray-Bans. Most of these are year-around goodies, but it behooves you to always check Brad’s Deals to see if we’ve got the hookup on exclusive deals. (In fact, here are a few Ray-Ban styles we currently have great deals on.) Below are the all-stars that we would be remiss not to mention by name.


And the trophy goes to… Overstock. More often than not, Overstock will have roughly 150 great Ray-Ban styles under $100 in their sale section. As of July 2021, there were sunglasses as low as $69. Even better, shipping is always free.


JomaShop usually has around 70 styles of Ray-Bans for $70. This number may fluctuate seasonally, but we would say this is a general rule. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon to find great discounts for JomaShop on our site. Before hitting JomaShop, always check to see if we have a better price or exclusive code that isn’t available on their website.


Like Overstock, TIMEPIECE has a stellar section that lets you filter Ray-Bans under $100. Adult styles start at $69; there are 20 styles under $70 at the moment, and this will likely remain unchanged throughout the year.

TIMEPIECE features a wide range of unisex styles, including the hip Clubround Sunglasses and classic Wayfarers. It’s definitely in your best interest as a savvy shopper to check Overstock and TIMEPIECE first, as opposed to sites like Amazon, as counterintuitive as it seems, because with Amazon you have to hurdle untrustworthy sellers, knockoffs, and used pairs. Plus, selection and availability just aren’t as great!


TimeToShade is famous for its excellent selection of Ray-Ban Rx frames. But every now and then, they run their famous Big Frame Sale, which features prices on Ray-Ban eyeglasses AND sunglasses as low as $50. Like Jomashop, TimeToShade runs exclusive deals with us. In February and early March of 2018, we joined forces and knocked an extra 50% off more than 50 styles. Some of our readers even commented that the prices were so good that they bought their first pair through us at TimeToShade. So wait for that perfect sale when it comes–because it will come again!


Ashford is well known for its wrist watch deals. But we often see great deals on Ray-Ban, up to 70% off! Prices in their general sales sometimes drop to around $70, which often is the lowest price on the web for select styles. Shipping is free on $99 or a flat $5.99 under $99.

Use Google Shopping

Google’s shopping tool may be your best bet if you already have a specific style in mind. Say you want to find the best price on the popular Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarers. You can type it into Google Shopping and the search engine will produce the lowest price online for that model. Keep in mind that Google Shopping doesn’t take into account exclusive offers on deal sites like ours, so you may want to search for your preferred Ray-Ban style on our site first, as always, in addition to Google Shopping to make sure.

Get Deal Alerts

Only the smartest shoppers use our Deal Alerts. What’s a Deal Alert? Get notified whenever your favorite brand or product goes live at Brad’s Deals. Just enter the search term ‘Ray Ban‘ into our search and then click ‘Create Alert’. This will ensure you’re always one step ahead.

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