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Coffee is always a favorite deal for Brad’s Deals shoppers. And to let you in on a little secret, it’s also a favorite deal for our employees! We’ve got some big coffee drinkers on the BD team and we’ve got some great tips, and discounts, to share with you when it comes to everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage. Here’s our favorite coffee tips:

Get Light Roast For The Biggest Boost

Have you ever wondered which coffee roast has the most caffeine? Depending on how you measure your coffee, one roast may come out on top. The average at-home coffee lover measures their coffee by volume. And by volume, light roasts have more caffeine per cup.

When beans go through the roasting process, they lose some water and density. The longer they are roasted to create a darker roast, the more density is lost, creating smaller beans. So if you were to weigh the grounds for each pot you brew, darker roasts may beat out the lighter roasts.

Bottom line, if you’re an at-home coffee drinker scooping your coffee grounds like the rest of us, reach for the light roast Breakfast Blend and enjoy the jolt.

Keep Your Cold Brew Strong with Iced Coffee Cubes

Do you drink your coffee iced even when the temperatures drop below freezing? So do we! The biggest problem with iced coffee when you try to brew it at home is diluting it with melted ice.

Try brewing some regular strength coffee and then pouring it into ice cube trays after it’s cooled. Freeze the cubes and use those for your iced coffee to enjoy a perfect cold brew without the melted ice watering it down.

Cut Coffee Bitterness with Salt (or Butter!)

Another tip for coffee drinkers who might love the boost but not the flavor is to add some salt. Salt neutralizes the bitter flavor in coffee and can also bring out some of its sweetness and other nuanced flavors.

How much to add? According to Alton Brown, add 1/4 teaspoon to 6 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Another tip? Add salted butter to your coffee. This enhances the flavor and cuts the bitterness the way salt does, but it also provides some added fat and richness to your coffee which can help some people avoid the jitters.

Our Favorite Coffee Deals

For some of our favorite deals to keep you caffeinated on the cheap, you’ve come to the right place!

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