Ask Brad: Finding Bargains at Macy’s Online

Ask Brad: Finding Bargains at Macy’s Online

When digging into the details of Macy’s earnings report, it is clear that much of their boost comes from the online world. When compared to this time last year, online sales are down six percent. At this time last year, all stores were closed. Therefore, the only option customers had was to shop online. Now, the vast majority of stores are open again, even if they are under restrictions.

As a result, a drop in eCommerce sales is expected; however, the drop is not as big as many people anticipated. Compared to this time two years ago, pre-pandemic, eCommerce sales are up 45 percent. This clearly shows that online shopping at Macy’s has grown in popularity even after stores have reopened.

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We expect Black Friday sales to kick off in October again this year and last throughout the entire holiday season. Macy’s has been a leader in online Black Friday sales for years now and we’re excited to see what happens when their online store begins to receive the attention it deserves.

As the retail conglomerate continues to pump money into the eCommerce wing, amazing online deals are going to emerge. Make sure you don’t miss anything and take a look at the best Macy’s deals available today.

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