Ask Brad: Finding the Best Deals on Apple Products

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Apple products are hugely popular among Brad’s Deals readers and, well, just about everyone. Whether it’s a new iPhone 12, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook, there seems to always be someone searching for deals on Apple products. I’ve got some tips on how to score Apple deals below and here are some of the best discounts we have seen recently.

First, there’s nothing special about a Mac purchased from the Apple Store. It’s exactly the same computer as one purchased at any other authorized source. The difference is the price. On any given Mac laptop or desktop computer, you’ll always find the highest price at the Apple Store. We’ve put together a post all about The Best Places to Buy a Mac Online.

Try refurbished products. Just because the brick and mortar store doesn’t offer many (read: any) discounts on its gadgets, doesn’t mean you can’t find a deal on an iPhone, MacBook, or iPad directly from Apple. How? One word: Refurbished. Find out how to get a deal on Apple products by buying refurbished in our post: Apple Refurbished Products: Are They Worth It?

Now, Apple products are not cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than what you want. If you know how to shop, there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of your next iPhone, iPad, or Mac purchase any time of year. Read our Guide to Apple Discounts to find out more.

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