Ask Brad: How to Shop Amazon’s Epic Deals

Ask Brad

Brad: Amazon has launched its Epic Deals as a way to get shoppers early deals before Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. With news of supply chain issues, slow shipping, and high prices looming like a dark cloud over our holiday shopping, I suggests this as one solution to get some of your shopping done early.

Epic Deals will run through November 18th, 2021 and will feature 24-hour deals on select brands each day. Keep reading for how to shop this sale as well as a sneak-peek into which brands will be on sale.

Use Brad’s Deals

Visit the Epic Deals landing page to browse all of the Epic Deals for today. Much like Amazon Prime Day and their Black Friday deals, you can view available deals, upcoming deals, and add deals to your Watchlist. Also much like Prime Day and Black Friday, the list is pretty overwhelming.That’s where we come in. We are checking these deals multiple times throughout the day and any of the best, worthwhile deals will be posted to our Amazon Deals page.

Shopping All Epic Deals

If you do decide to go directly to Amazon and view all of the deals for yourself, there are a few ways to make it easier.
On the left side, we recommend sorting by category and then sorting by star rating. There is also a filter by percentage off which can help you sort through some of the larger discounts.

Since the Epic Deals began we’ve seen deals on Beats, Cricut, and Roomba. Here are some other brands we know you’ll see discounted during this promotion.

Amazon Basics
Play Doh

Normally we’d say you should definitely wait until Black Friday to score some of these deals, but this year we are suggesting that you don’t procrastinate and start checking items off your list now.

That being said, please don’t shop just because of the hype of a sale. If you have some items on your Christmas shopping list for gifts or for yourself, by all means, snag them if there’s a discount. But we will see more discounts and there will be more deals to be had before the holiday shopping season is over.

For all the best Amazon deals every single day, check our Amazon Deals page or download our app, free for iOS and Android, to check deals and price compare on the go.

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