Ask Brad: How To Use Kohl’s Coupons Online

In this week’s Q&A, Brad Wilson from Brad’s Deals answers questions from Kohl’s shoppers on finding the best deals and using rewards.

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Q: How does Kohl’s Cash rewards work?

Brad: Kohl’s Cash rewards can be earned during special events which are advertised online, through email, and in Kohl’s print mailers. Usually, you’ll get $10 back for every $50 you spend during these promotions, and Kohl’s Cash vouchers will be emailed to you after you make a purchase, so you can redeem them either in-store or online. 

Kohl’s Cash usually accrues at $10 per $50 spent, but die-hard Kohl’s shoppers know this interesting little secret: If you’re within $2 of the next level of Kohl’s Cash, they’ll automatically round it up. That means if you’ve only spent $48, you’ll get the $10 Kohl’s Cash anyway.

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Q: Are there other rewards programs?

Brad: Kohl’s now has two rewards programs: Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards, both of which give you money back on your purchases.

Unlike Kohl’s Cash offers, which are only available for a limited time and often only on certain items, Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards are earned on every dollar you spend at Kohl’s, no matter when or how you make the purchase. Every dollar spent is worth one point, and you get $5 back for every 100 points earned.

Also, Kohl’s has combined their three popular loyalty programs into a single platform called Kohl’s Rewards. With this you can earn 5% Kohl’s Rewards on every purchase.

Q: What about rebates?

Brad: Many of the prices in Kohl’s ads already include mail-in rebates, which you’ll have to send in and redeem AFTER you buy. You’ll absolutely get the price in the circular if you mail it in, it just takes a little extra work on your part.

On the flip side, a lot of the fine print advertises extra savings that may drop an item into your price range, like an additional 10 percent off a certain brand or item. 

Q: Can you stack coupons at Kohls?

Brad: By now, you’ve got your Kohl’s Card, you’ve signed up for Kohl’s Cash alerts and you’re a new Yes2You member who knows exactly what kind of mail-in rebates and/or additional discounts are featured on the stuff you want to buy. Now the fun begins: you can stack up most of these discounts and save even more.

  • One site wide percent off offer (ex: 15 percent off offer for Black Friday shoppers)
  • One category percent off offer (ex:  10 percent off Instant Pot)
  • One dollar off offer (ex: “take $10 off a $50 purchase”)
  • One shipping offer (ex: free shipping on all items)

Here’s how to stack Kohl’s coupon codes. Kohl’s allows you to stack up to four different kinds of discounts, as long as you’re only using one of each. So you can use:

You’ll still earn Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You dollars on purchases when you coupon stack, and you can also still mail in rebates for products that offer them even after you apply your discounts. 

Kohl’s also offers subscribers a lot of mystery bonuses a few times a month, so while there isn’t always a way to combine ALL of these discounts, there’s almost always a way to get at least one Kohl’s coupon code and shave a few bucks off your order. Whenever stacking all four discount offer is possible, our editors will be on it and you’ll find it right on Brad’s Deals.

Q: What if I find a coupon after I buy?

Brad: If you somehow managed to checkout without using any Kohl’s coupons at all, you can just send customer service an email with your order number and the coupon code you should have used. They’ll verify everything and refund the difference. This trick only works if the coupon was available on the date of your purchase.

6. What about extra discounts and free shipping in-store?

Brad: We’re big fans of shopping online, obviously, but actually going to your local Kohl’s store does have some advantages. When you connect to the in-store WiFi, you can score extra cash discounts that you can apply at the register. We commonly see $5 off $25 or $10 off $30. You can also get a Kohl’s free shipping code when you place an order at an in-store kiosk – super handy if that location is sold out of the thing you needed or you’re sending a gift to someone.

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Note: If you purchase something through a Brad’s Deals link, the site may earn a commission. Pricing and item availability are accurate as of time of published article. Learn more about how Brad’s Deals works.

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