Ask Brad: Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts?

By: Broadry Newsroom

In this week’s Q&A, Brad Wilson from Brad’s Deals reveals his favorite 2021 Valentine’s Day gift ideas – and how to shop for flowers online.

Q: What are last-minute gift ideas?

Brad: Based on conversations with an expert in the floral industry, it is well-established that many people use the Super Bowl as their unofficial reminder that it is time to shop for Valentine’s Day. And this year, with the Super Bowl coming just a week before Valentine’s Day means there is going to be a narrow window for getting gifts on time. Not to mention the fact that we are still seeing shipping times impacted by the pandemic and also winter weather.

With that in mind, you may want to explore options from local small businesses, as well as curbside pickup options. The good news is that many traditional Valentine’s gifts like flowers and edible gifts can be delivered on a very short time frame.

However, we saw during Mother’s Day that increased demand led to some items selling out, so shop sooner rather than later.

Another great last-minute gift idea would be one of these Virtual Date Nights from Amazon. There’s a variety of options, including virtual wine tastings and cooking classes, and they are 30% off through 2021 Valentine’s Day!

Q: Any tips for buying flowers online?

Brad: Pay attention to what you are ordering so that you understand the delivery experience. When it comes to buying flowers online, there are two big categories: florist-delivered and shipped in a box.

Florist-delivered arrangements mean your order is sent to a local flower shop, which creates the arrangement and delivers it to the recipient in full bloom. Shipped flowers are packaged in a box and assembled by the recipient, and the flowers often ship in bud form for freshness purposes.

In general, florist-delivered arrangements are more expensive than shipped flowers. You can find out what kind of delivery is available for a given item on the product page.

Q: Is there anything different we can expect this year in terms of Valentine’s Day deals?

Brad: While Valentine’s Day gifting has never been limited to just significant others, I’ve been seeing that retailers are promoting more items that don’t fall into the traditional “romance” category. Things like kids’ activity sets, home decor, and “cozy” items like slippers and weighted blankets have been featured more heavily in Valentine’s Day sales this year.

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