Ask Brad: What Do You Expect This Amazon Prime Day 2020?

By: Brad Wilson, National Lifestyle Content Desk

In this week’s Q&A, Brad Wilson from Brad’s Deals answers questions on what shoppers can expect on Amazon Prime Day and finding bargains.

Q: What can shoppers expect this Prime Day?

Brad: Prime Day 2020 is going to be very different from what we’ve seen in previous years, but I think some things will be the same. For starters, even though the event is called “Prime Day”, for the past three years Amazon has run the event for 48 hours, and I think we can expect to see the same thing this year.

Also, Prime Day has traditionally featured a huge mix of deals from big brands, Amazon’s own brands, and marketplace sellers. That’s been a winning strategy for them, so they will probably stick to that. What’s going to be different this year is the types of products that are included. With the move from summer to fall, I think we are probably going to see a bigger push on giftable items, because Prime Day is really part of the holiday shopping mix this year.

We can also expect to see other retailers planning to have competing sales during Prime Day to try to take advantage of consumer enthusiasm.

Q: When is Prime Day?

Brad: Amazon hasn’t made an official announcement of the exact date yet, but they have let us know that Prime Day is happening in October. We expect to know more soon.

Q: What items will likely be on sale and worth buying on Prime Day?

Brad: Amazon includes hundreds of thousands of items in Prime Day, so there’s no shortage of options. Amazon devices like Fire TV Sticks, Kindles, and Ring doorbells are likely to be at the lowest price of the year during Prime Day, so if you are planning to buy one of those items soon, this is the time.

And it isn’t just Amazon electronics, I also expect to see great pricing on Apple, Bose, and other big names. We’ll also see sales on items from Amazon’s other brands especially in the apparel and home categories. It is important to remember that not all the deals on Prime Day are going to be amazing. I like to warn people about what I call “Prime Day Effect”. People can get caught up in the hype around the event, and feel like there is a do-or-die pressure to place an order, even when the pricing isn’t the best.

Q: What products and brands will likely perform best on Prime Day?

Brad: As I mentioned previously, Amazon’s own brands will be priced to move and consumers are definitely going to take advantage of that. Smart home devices are also likely to be big sellers. Amazon’s really been pushing their apparel category this year, so I think it is likely we’ll see some standout deals that will attract a lot of interest from shoppers.

Last year we saw some great deals on gift cards, and if they feature something similar this year, they will be very popular. Lastly, there’s always lots of interest in home items from brands like Instant Pot, Roomba, Keurig, and more.

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