Ask Brad: What Products Are Worth Buying In December?

By: Brad Wilson, National Lifestyle Content Desk

In this week’s Q&A, Brad Wilson from Brad’s Deals answers questions on his favorite shopping strategies for December 2020 and beyond.

Q: When it comes to bargains, what products are worth buying in December?

Brad: Retailers continue to discount aggressively throughout the holiday shopping season, so there are plenty of great deals to be had in December. Many retailers have special gift sets and bundles that are only made for the holiday season, and in December, we frequently see that retailers are adding extra discounts to these value sets.

Additionally, small kitchen appliances and cookware deals will continue to be strong throughout December. We’ll also see aggressive pricing on popular electronics, like tablets and headphones. While the rock-bottom Black Friday deals on no-name TVs are unlikely to be seen in December, expect to see good deals throughout the month and even continuing into January. 

Q: What items should you wait to buy?

Brad: If you can wait until December to buy holiday decor, you should. Prices will drop significantly. The one exception I will make to that is Christmas trees, particularly if you have very specific requirements, inventory may be very depleted by January. I also encourage people to consider waiting on purchasing exercise equipment, because prices will be better in January

Q: What about winger gear?

Brad: When it comes to winter gear like coats and hats, after-Christmas clearance sales starting at the end of the month and going into January are the best time to buy, with a few exceptions. If you want something very specific, you run the risk of stock running out if you wait too long, so take that into account. Also, be on the lookout for winter accessories sold as a gift set in December, which can be a real bargain. 

Q: Can you still get a good deal in December after Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Brad: Absolutely! Major retailers are highly promotional throughout December. There’s definitely a misconception that if you miss out on those big days, you’ve missed out. While that may be true for some specific items, like a quesadilla maker for $2 after rebate, we often see Black Friday or Cyber Monday pricing being matched at various times in the month of December. Something the Brad’s Deals Editorial Team talks about every year is that it is always a little sad when the prices start shifting back to “normal” around mid-January. Our favorite times of the year are November and December because the deals are so great, and we are so excited to share them.

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