Ask Jen: How Do I Start Renting Out My RV ?

In this week’s Q&A, we are asking Outdoorsy Co-Founder and CMO Jen Young about the RV boom and advice for those looking to get into the RV rental game.

Q: What’s the first thing you typically tell someone when they are considering buying an RV for the purpose of renting?

Jen: You’re essentially starting your own small business. It’s an exciting journey that gives you a great deal of freedom, flexibility and joy but new entrepreneurs should also be ready to put in some dedication too. If you’re ready for this exciting challenge and ready to make the next move, Outdoorsy is here to help you along the way.

Do your research! It’s important that you understand what would attract renters in your area. Look out for things like the type of rigs that are in high demand (what rigs are getting booked out weeks in advance?), the type of potential renters (are they families, young couples, solo travelers?) and the type of experiences your renters might be looking for (Are they using the rig to visit nearby state and national parks? Or will they be boondocking?). 

Be ready to put on your marketing hat: There are many strategies to make sure your business can be as successful as possible. Listen to the market, put on your marketing hat and take lots of great, quality photos for your listings, tell a story about the experience you offer and more. 

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Q: How do RV owners use a site like Outdoorsy?

Jen: Outdoorsy.com is the go-to marketplace to list their RVs and connect with outdoor travelers looking for the perfect RV for their trip. Outdoorsy also has a platform (Wheelbase) for professional RV rental companies to help with inventory management, utilization rates, and the best insurance in the business with Roamly

By using Outdoorsy, new RV owners will get access to world-class listing coaches that can help with SEO, content marketing and paid search to help renters find your listing. 

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Q: What types of RVs tend to be more booked than others? 

Jen: Class C RVs, which are a smaller driveable vehicle that is great for families, and campervans are the most popular vehicle rentals at the moment. 

Q: Can you blackout the dates that you want to still use your RV?

Jen: Absolutely! The beauty of listing your RV on Outdoorsy is you have the freedom to list your rig for as few or as many days on the platform as you want. We have many owners that will split their RV time into personal and business purposes. 

Q: What should people know about the added costs or paperwork involved with becoming an RV landlord, of sorts?

Jen: Being an RV owner and listing your rig is very similar to starting a small business. In many cases, that’s exactly what it becomes as RV owners realize the money making potential to be found in renting out RVs. This means there will be some background work that needs to be done including taxes, setting aside budget for upkeep and maintenance, taking high quality photos of your RV for the listing page, and taking time to communicate and help answer any questions potential renters might have. The benefit of using a platform like Outdoorsy is they take care of the insurance, driver verification checks, roadside assistance, customer support, and payment processing. 

Q: Finally, where do you see the RV rental industry headed over the next few years?

Jen: We’re so excited to see the incredible growth we’ve seen in the last year as more people discover the benefits of getting outdoors. We continue to see an upward trend in both first-time and repeat renters on our platform and we expect to see that trend continue in the years ahead.

Advertiser’s disclosure: If you purchase something through a link in this article, the site may earn a commission. Pricing and product availability are accurate as of time of published article.