Ask Julie: Baby Shower Dilemma

Julie Loffredi

Dear Julie: I’m invited to a baby shower for a dear friend. I’m not sure what to give her. But, I want it to be special. Something meaningful — not just diapers and a gift card.  I’m stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

— Stumped friend

Dear Stumped: As a dear friend, I trust you must be a good listener, yes? So, this is your chance to dazzle the mom-to-be with your assiduous nature and unremitting attention.

Quite simply, my suggestion is to find something on the registry that fits your budget.

Your friend has likely spent many hours researching the latest baby products and gear in order to develop a comprehensive registry. This registry is a list of things she truly wants for her child. In fact, she has made it quite easy by providing an easy-to-find online wishlist for her family and friends to use and likely referenced it on the invitations.

The fact that you buy a gift off her registry is special — because it shows you care most about what she wants. Yes, the registry may be filled with simple must-haves like bottles and diapers. While these may seem like modest and fundamental gifts, they are the most important. You can personalize this gift with a special handmade card or wrapping paper.

Your friend will be delighted that she crossed off another registry item and that you “listened” like you always do.

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