Back To School Shopping List

By: Julie Loffredi | National Content Desk

Looking to get a jump-start on back-to-school shopping and kick-start a more positive morning routine? We discovered some innovative brands and products that are sure to help make back-to-school time a bit easier. 

Laptop Covers — For kids who are taking part in virtual learning at home, laptop covers can help protect those precious Chromebooks. — Check out OtterBox

Bulk Ship Supplies and Snacks —  School supplies and snacks are a must. If you are looking to stock up and have no time to visit the local warehouse club, check out Boxed. This bulk retailer app that enables teachers, parents, and college students to get snacks and school supplies shipped in bulk. No membership required. — Visit Boxed

No-Spill Containers  — Stressed out about getting the kids’ lunch boxes packed and ready to go? Drink in the Box makes it easy with their new reusable containers. Add water and some fresh fruit for a healthy, refreshing drink. The container is spill-proof and fits in a lunch box. — Drink in the Box (8 oz.), $12, Amazon 

Custom Water Bottle — Affixing name tags to belongings is a smart way to keep things in order. This back-to-school year, the hydration company CamelBak is now offering an option to customize water bottles. Add a child’s name, favorite color, and special design. This can help prevent the bottle from being misplaced. — Eddy Kids Custom Water Bottle, $18, CamelBak

Initial Lunch Tote  — This year, the personalization theme continues with initial lunch totes. Justice, the apparel store geared for elementary and middle-school-aged girls, says insulated lunch totes is one of their top sellers for back-to-school. Add a lunchbox container, to keep food organized and she’s ready to go. — Cheetah Initial Lunch Tote, $15, ShopJustice

Durable Backpack — Backpacks are more durable than ever, with extra straps and a better design, helping to guard against backaches. Lands’ End offers several different types of backpacks for students — including a rolling backpack (ideal for those carrying a large load) and a bag designed for laptops. — Backpack, $35 and up, Lands’ End

School Year Agenda — While there is a bevy of planning apps and online calendars, traditional planners continue to be a popular choice for parents and students. Fashion label Lilly Pulitzer just released its new large agenda that includes more room for writing down goals and assignments. — Large Agenda, $30, Lilly Pulitzer

Washable Sneakers — How about a machine-washable sneaker for kids? Yes, please! Rothy’s just announced a new collection of washable kids’ sneakers crafted by acclaimed illustrator Pete Oswald. — Rothy’s Kids Sneaker, $55, Rothy’s 

Cloud Notebook — Want to reuse the same pen-and-paper notebook over and over again? With the new Rocketbook, you can! Here’s how it works: use a special pen to write down all your notes on the synthetic paper. Then, use the app to blast your notes into the cloud for safekeeping. Wipe off the notebook paper with a clean damp cloth and use it again. —  Rocketbook Everlast, $34 and up, Rocketbook 

Packing Solution — Shipping a care package to your new college freshman? The new Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Role makes it a breeze. Simply cut, fold, and press to seal. Now, your package is mail-ready. No box. No tape. Done! Available in four sizes. —  Scotch Flex & Seal, $10 and up, Amazon

Sleep Light —  How about a good night’s sleep? Casper Glow created a special touch sleep light that cues your body for bed, helping you to wind down. Set the light to gradually dim at bedtime. Then, use the Glow app to brighten up the room when you want to wake-up. Alarm-free. — The Casper Glow, $129, Casper 

Disclaimer: Check with your school district regarding any COVID-19 precautions and requirements and review any CDC, state, and local guidelines.

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