Brad’s Deals Announce Top Toys for Christmas 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like — holiday shopping season! And, your kids probably have already spotted some commercials for their favorite toys this season, right? Meanwhile, major retailers have already published their holiday toy lists. And now, Brad’s Deals has released their top picks.

Our team of editors spent hours pouring over all of the lists, polling parents, aunties and uncles. The result? A list of 25 super hot toys for 2019 – along with the place to find them. So, what are you waiting for?

Brad’s Deals Top Toys for Christmas 2019

Prices current as of 9/24/2019. Product descriptions by Rebecca Lehmann.


Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: from $12.97

Scruff-A-Luvs are the latest entry in the “mystery pets” genre. Choose a color you like, give it a bath, and you’ll be surprised with either a puppy, a kitty, or a bunny – and all are super cute and cuddly. They’re are on all the toy lists this year, scoring more mentions than any other toy. It’s either the result of extremely aggressive marketing or it’s going to be the standout for 2019. The combination of a well-executed spin on the mystery genre, the final toys’ complete and utter cuteness, and an extremely accessible price point make us think it’s the latter.

The current glut of discounts leads us to believe that the sellout risk is low, but it may be a good idea to stash these in the top of your closet for a few months just in case. Amazon may be a better buy if you’re a Prime member since Scruff-A-Luvs are priced below Walmart’s free shipping threshold for now, but Target wins for REDcard holders.

WowWee Official Baby Shark Doll

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $29.95

Are you sick of Baby Shark yet? I’m so sorry, parents, but this trend has not yet jumped the shark for the littles. Star toymaker Wowwee has partnered with Baby Shark creator Pinkfong to introduce an official plush shark doll that dances and sings “Baby Shark” (of course) when you tap its head. It also reacts when you call it “Baby Shark.” We’ve only seen the yellow version in stores so far. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then Amazon is the best value thanks to free shipping.

L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $99.88

The popularity of L.O.L. Surprise! shows no sign of slowing. This cute camper gives your child’s L.O.L. dolls and pets an outdoors experience that comes complete with its own BBQ grill and fashion catwalk for modeling their extensive wardrobes. Let’s be honest here – what camper wouldn’t be improved by a catwalk? Walmart and Amazon are your current best bets, but REDcard holders are better off looking at Target where the 5% discount brings the price down to $94.99.


Where to Buy: Target
Lowest Price: $49.99 

Target is the only store we found accepting pre-orders for Owleez, which are scheduled for an October 4 release. They may seem like yet another interactive pet, but this one can actually learn to fly through interaction with their human children. Owleez also has more than 100 sounds and movements and changes eye color to indicate its mood. Using a REDcard to purchase shaves off an extra $2.50.

Blume Dolls

Where to Buy: Walmart and Amazon
Lowest Price: $9.88 

Blume Dolls are a mystery toy for the littles (ages 3+). These sweet confection-inspired figures come hidden in flowerpots which must be watered to reveal your new companion. Like their L.O.L. counterparts, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories are interchangeable, and perhaps even a bit sturdier. There are 22 Blume Dolls to collect, mix, and match. Walmart and Amazon have Target beat by a mere penny, but a REDcard would take the price down to $9.40 each. We give Amazon the edge here since Prime members score free shipping.

Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

Where to Buy: Amazon, Target, or Walmart
Lowest Price: from $19.97

The first of two (TWO!) llamas on our list is Boppi, your interactive llama friend who likes to shake her booty to three jaunty songs that you will clearly never, ever get sick of hearing. Boppi comes in white and purple, though the purple edition is exclusive to Walmart. Target REDcard holders can knock another dollar off the price. Amazon Prime members skip shipping charges.

Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $59.68 

You remember Hatchimals, right? What if your Hatchimal turned out to be Toothless, the lovable dragon from the “How To Train Your Dragon” series? Baby Toothless growls, flaps his wings when you help him fly, and roars at you when you roar at him first. Walmart and Amazon have the current best price by a few cents, but Target is a winner if you’d rather pay with a REDcard.

Juno My Baby Elephant

Where to Buy: Target or Walmart
Lowest Price: $84.99 

Juno is a sweet baby elephant whose trunk responds to your touch. Her personality is shy to start, prompting her to hide behind her ears, but she warms up and becomes expressive and charmingly silly as you interact with her. She also plays with children to create melodies, play games, and more. Juno is currently on sale at Walmart. She is also available at Target with a 5% discount when paying with a REDcard.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Dolls

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $24.97 

These 10-inch Kindi Kids dolls are part of the Shopkins universe where they attend Rainbow Kindi. The four dolls (Marsha Mello, Donatina, Peppe-Mint, and Jessicake) come with two Shopkins accessories, their heads bobble, and they magically eat their cupcakes. Amazon Prime members should go with Amazon to avoid shipping charges. If you have a REDcard, then Target is your best bet. Buying two or more Kindi Kids? Go with Kohl’s to get $5 or more back in Kohl’s Cash – and don’t forget to check for Kohl’s coupons to bring the price down even further.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Lookout Tower

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $99.97 

The Paw Patrol is on the case! Use the Mighty Pups Lookout Tower’s real functioning telescope to spot trouble, then sound the alarm, listen to Ryder give you a mission, and go save the day.  Got a REDcard handy? Knock off another $5 when you buy at Target instead.

Treasure X Aliens Dissection Kits

Where to Buy: Amazon or Walmart
Lowest Price: $14.92

Nothing says Christmas like a toy that encourages children to dissect an slimy, oozing alien in search of rare space gems! Collect all 18. Amazon’s free shipping for Prime members gives them the edge, but buying with a REDcard at Target brings the price down to $14.24. 

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Where to Buy: Kohl’s
Lowest Price: $69.99
Bonus: $5 Kohl’s Cash

These kid-friendly editions of Amazon’s popular Echo Dot will be the same price everywhere they’re sold, but only at Kohl’s will you get $5 store credit to use on a future purchase.

Harry Potter Hogwarts LEGO Set

Where to Buy: LEGO
Lowest Price: $399.99
Bonus: Free LEGO Lunch Box 

Sure, there are Harry Potter-themed LEGO sets out there that are infinitely more budget friendly, but why not dream a little? This LEGO rendering of Hogwarts Castle is epic. If you have a REDcard, then the 5% discount goes a long way at Target, lowering the price to $379.99. For everyone else, the best deal right now is from LEGO directly, where through 9/14 you’ll also score a free LEGO lunch box with your purchase.

Fortnite Nerf RL Blaster

Where to Buy: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Kohl’s
Lowest Price: $26.88 

Fortnite + NERF blaster = Winning formula for one of the top toys of the holiday season. This blaster is currently on sale at Kohl’s for the cheapest price. You can also pick it up at Amazon along with the perks of free shipping if you’ve got Amazon Prime. Walmart, Best Buy, Target are competitive options if you opt for in-store pickup, otherwise shipping charges will apply.

Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con

Where to Buy: Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop
Lowest Price: $299 

Was there ever a doubt that the ridiculously popular Nintendo Switch would find itself on our list of top toys again this year? As usual, we don’t expect to see many discounts, but Target shoppers will see the price drop to $284.99 when paying with a REDcard.

Osmo Genius Kit

Where to Buy: Varies by version 
Lowest Price: $65-$99

There are several versions of Osmo’s innovative interactive learning kits, and which you choose likely depends on your child’s age, your device, and your budget. The programming is designed to strengthen skills like math, spelling, critical thinking, problem solving, creative drawing, and more. At the low end, Sam’s Club members can get an iPad version rated for kids aged 5-12 for $65.98. On the high end, kids aged 6-10 can get iPad and Kindle versions for $99.99. As usual, versions available at Target get a 5% discount when you pay with a REDcard.

Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $14.99

Fans of Spider-Man now can get a taste of what it’s like to be a superhero, shooting webs from their fingers just like Peter Parker. When you run out of Spidey Shot Web Fluid, you can always switch to water. Amazon may have a small edge over Walmart since Prime members can take advantage of free Prime shipping.

Giant Barbie Dream House

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $179

Another repeat entry from last year’s list is this incredible three-story Barbie Dream House, guaranteed to make Barbie fans’ eyes pop. It features a garage with roof-top pool, and friends, that pool has a slide. The bedroom even has a ceiling fan and wall-mounted TV. Very posh digs! Target shoppers buying with a REDcard will save an extra $9.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station with Plush

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $25

Build-A-Bear fans will swoon over the opportunity to stuff and dress their own plushies at home. This DIY kit includes three furry friends, shirts, birth certificates, and more.

Cutetitos Mystery Surprise Animals

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: from $8.99

I crack up every time I see Cutetitos, I love them so much. They’re even packaged like frozen burritos! The price point and cute factor make them good stocking stuffers. There are three “series” of Cutetitos, and since this is yet another entry in the “mystery pet” genre, you won’t know what you’ve got until you open it. The 12 possibilities include puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos and monkitos. They also have a “hot spot” that tells you if they’re mild, medium, or spicy.

Pair with a tortilla blanket and a pom-ear hat to go twinsies with your Cutetito to court Instagram celebrity, or wrap them up for your office white elephant exchange and win your holiday party. (Wait, this is supposed to be for kids?)

You can also find Cutetitos at Walmart and Target, but Amazon is the only seller we found with all three Series available.

furReal Munchin’ Rex

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target, Amazon
Lowest Price: $37.90 

I mean, who amongst us doesn’t want a pet baby T-Rex? This little interactive guy, oh so cleverly named “Rex”, responds to kids when they wave at him or feed him. He hops around begging for treats, but careful, he might spit them out at you if he doesn’t like them. Rex is a picky eater – just like your kids.

Amazon or Walmart are the best options as it is currently on sale.


Where to Buy: Varies by model
Lowest Price: from $7.99

Linkimals are a series of five baby-friendly toys, all of which serve different functions teaching colors, numbers, stacking skills, and so on, but what makes them special is that they recognize each other when in close proximity to put on a synchronized music and light show. Together, they touch on all the infant essentials – visual, auditory, and tactile skills. The five Linkimals are available at different prices, so we’ve listed their individual best prices below. You can improve on Target’s prices by an additional 5% if you pay with a REDcard.

  • Smooth Move Sloth – $23.99 at Walmart and Amazon
  • Happy Shapes Hedgehog – $24.99 at Target
  • A to Z Otter – $15.99 at Walmart and Amazon
  • Musical Moose – $7.99 at Walmart and Amazon
  • Lights and Camera Llama – $11.99 at Walmart and Amazon

Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target, or Amazon
Lowest Price: $99.99

The Mega Grave Digger is the biggest, fastest Grave Digger RC on the market. Its large tires and significant tread means that it practically flies over whatever obstacle you pit it against, even when controlling it from up to 250 feet away. You can almost hear the Swedish death metal in its RC growl, so maybe “metal” is the best word to describe it. (Don’t worry parents, it’s made primarily of lightweight plastic and rubber.)

Advantage goes to Target for the purchase on account of the possible $5 discount with a REDcard.

Myla the Interactive Unicorn

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $48.82

If your kid loves unicorns and karaoke, then this is the best Christmas gift ever. Myla glitters as she talks and sings. Use her magic makeup wand to change the color of her eyes, wings, and horn. You can also style her mane, brush her tail, accessorize, or steal the mic for a solo.

Walmart currently has the lowest price for Myla, but REDcard holders will save more at Target.

WowWee Buttheads

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $9.84

I was prepared to hate these but they’re… cute? Is that a thing that is possible to say about a toy that’s made to look like, ahem, a moon-face? There are so many puns I could make here, but this is a list of toys. For kids. Rated PG. At any rate, somehow, the geniuses at WowWee managed to make a butt-faced Grim Reaper cute enough to make me go “Awwww…” I feel weird about this but I don’t hate it.

We like Amazon best for these little Buttheads on account of the possibility of free Prime shipping for members, but you’ll probably have no trouble order for in-store pickup at Walmart.

Julie Loffredi is a lifestyle journalist and trends spotter for Brad’s Deals.

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