Courting In A Time of Quarantine 

By: Julie Loffredi National Content Desk
By Colleen Hart 

Throughout history, certain dating types have existed and evolved to fit the times. Today is no different. Brave singletons dating amidst a quarantine are experiencing a bizarre mash-up of romantic war-like separation and passive “swipe right” habits. Here’s a look at the characters of today’s dating scene:

The Romantic 

This person likes grand gestures. They strive to impress with Hollywood-worthy stunts. 

Today, they are “Dating Innovators”, pre-ordering dinner with wine pairings, launching drone pick-up lines, and taking bubble walks. They have proven there is no feat large enough to squash their swoon. 

The Boomerang

You dated and broke up. Suddenly, you get a call, text or email – they are back.

As life’s slowed down, many of us have had more time to reflect, so it’s natural for former loves to come back – in a long-distance relationship kind of way. You’ll spend your quarantine reconnecting and planning that second first date. This time it may even work out. 

The Rule Breaker

This is the person who convinced you to skip class in high school to make out.

Today, this is the “Quarantease”. A pandemic can’t stop them from tempting their date-to-be to test fate for the chance to have real human interaction. Let’s grab a coffee. Let’s do dinner. Suddenly, “six feet” is quickly forgotten, and you feel a cough coming on. 

The Cinderella

You met Cinderella briefly, had a great date(s), and then life circumstances separated you. Today, this is the person you met on March 13. By now, the glimmer of this stranger has faded in favor of a new Netflix show, but in the back of your mind, you wonder from time-to-time “what if”. Then you curse the virus and pour a glass of wine.

Colleen Hart is a freelance writer for Julie Loffredi.




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