Cover Pesky Gray Hairs With These Bestselling Hair Products From Dermstore

By: Julie Loffredi National Content Desk

Earlier this week, the CEO for Walmart suggested we are now in the “hair color” phase of panic buying. That’s right, folks. We are stocking up on at-home hair coloring products because salons and barbershops are temporarily shut down. Professional color hair treatments are currently unavailable. And, we are scrambling for a do-it-yourself alternative.

But aside from the traditional at-home “box” hair dye, there are less time-consuming approaches to scoring your desired color wheel. Here’s a look at some bestselling hair coloring products from Dermstore (under $35) that can help you keep those pesky grays at bay in-between hair washes:

Root Cover Up from Color Wow

Color Wow makes a mineral powder that you can apply directly to roots. It comes in a compact with a brush and a small mirror. You can pick from a variety of colors —  from blonde to black (so, check carefully to find one that closely matches your desired hair color).  The Root Cover Up powder helps to cover unwanted gray hairs and may give the appearance of fuller-looking locks. It will last until your next shampoo.

How to use: Load up small end of the brush with powder. Then, apply to dry hair. Lightly dush off excess.

Price: $34.50

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up is another powder formula designed to cover grays and roots. But, it’s an airbrush spray, not a powder compact. The quick-drying formula can help cover a wider section of hair. And, the rice starch ingredient can help soak up dirt and oil.

How to use: Shake airbrush can and lightly spray-on hair.

Price: $32

Rita Hazen Root Concealer Touch Up Spray 

When that natural color starts to peek through, this on-the-go spray can help hide them for a bit.

How to use: Hold spray bottle 4-6 inches away from the target area. Spray in a light stream until you get the desired coverage.

Price: $25

R+ Co Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray

This touch-up spray by R+ Co temporarily covers up roots until your next shampoo session. The Bright Shadows Root product is also made with hair strengtheners like pearl extract and biotin, so it can give the illusion of thicker hair.

How to use: On dry hair, spray the product on hair roots in a sweeping-type motion until it covers the hair. Let the product dry for around 30 seconds and style as normal.

Price: $26

Temporary Color Gel by Christophe Robin

Designed for those just starting to notice gray hair, this color gel helps to cover roots until you can get that appointment rescheduled with a pro. The formula contains natural ingredients to help blend grays into the base hair color. There’s no mixing, either. The Temporary Color Gel glides on and fades away with each wash. Note: it is only designed to darken hair, not lighten in.

How to use: For this product, follow directions exactly on the bottle. There are some special requirements.

Price: $35

Note: due to COVID-19, any shipment of products may take longer than usual. 

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