Dog-Friendly Hotels in Demand

dog friendly

(Broadry) — Want to take your dog on vacation? You’re not alone. According to a new survey by Wag!, pet parents would travel more often if it were easier to bring along their dogs. 

“People are getting more dogs. They are adopting more dogs. Dogs are becoming more of our culture so it doesn’t surprise me that wanting them to go more places with us is increasing,” says International Dog Trainer and Wag! Spokesperson Tom Davis.

In a response to demand, more hotels are now rolling out the red carpet for Fido. Sonesta branded hotels nationwide recently announced they’ve gone pet-friendly. The all new PAWS “Pets Are Welcome At Sonesta” program from Sonesta invites hotel guests and their four legged friends. The program comes with plenty of perks — including a complimentary dog treat upon check in, water dish, feeding bowl, a cozy pet bed at full-service properties, and even a special door hanger to let other guests know a pet is inside the room. 

“At Sonesta, we want to make it easier than ever to plan that next trip with your beloved pet,” said Elizabeth Harlow, chief marketing and brand officer at Sonesta. “While traveling with pets can be difficult, Sonesta is extending a warm welcome to all pet parents and their furry friends. Each hotel now features a pet-friendly marketplace, and many have designated outdoor walking areas to make the stay with your four-legged family feel more at home.”

Guests can have up to two pets per guest room or suite. To learn more about the Sonesta PAWS program, visit

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