Effort Underway To Bring Wildflowers Back To Northern Great Plains

Effort Underway To Bring Wildflowers Back To Northern Great Plains

(Broadry) — The Northern Great Plains crosses five US states and two Canadian provinces and is one of only four remaining intact temperate grasslands in the world. But the area is losing wildflowers and it is putting the preservation of wildlife at risk, according to Clay Bolt of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

“Wildflowers are vital for many wildlife species, including pollinators and songbirds and their deep roots improve our soil health and water quality. Yet we’ve lost 33 million acres of grassland and wildflower habitat in the us great plains (roughly half the size of Colorado), primarily as a result of plow-up for expanding row-crop agriculture, leading to the loss of native wildlife species and one of the world’s only remaining temperate grasslands,” says Bolt.

The team at Air Wick, in partnership with WWF, are now working to conserve and restore this crucial ecosystem with a goal of reseeding.

This is an important mission for Air Wick, since the company infuses its fragrances with natural essential oils to bring a nature-inspired experience into each and every home. Raheel Dhaduk, Air Wick VP of Marketing, reinforces the brand’s belief that “Nature is important to everyone, including Air Wick —  without it, crafting authentic fragrances would not be possible. We rely on nature for our products, as a company and as human beings living on this planet. We are excited to be working alongside the World Wildlife Fund in our mission to raise awareness of the critical need for more wildflower habitats and encourage the public to take part in improving the biodiversity of their local spaces.”

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The goal is to reseed 1 billion square feet of wildflowers in the northern great plains within the next three years, and Dhaduk says every little bit helps — and they are committed to seeing it through, “Air Wick’s purpose is to connect people to nature, and WWF’s purpose is to help people and nature thrive. We will work together to bring people closer to nature, to encourage the public to spend more time outdoors, and empower people to take action themselves to protect our great outdoors.”

The public is also encouraged to take part in improving local and national biodiversity by planting one square foot of wildflowers in their own backyards and communities.

To learn more about the campaign and request complimentary seeds to plant your one square foot, visit https://www.airwick.us/mission/seeds-giveaway.

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