Julie Loffredi

Julie Ruditzky Loffredi is one of the most sought after travel experts, appearing on NBC TODAY show, Fox News Channel and others. Her travel tips and writing  are also featured in travel publications. Found online at Travel + Leisure, The Travel Channel, USAToday, ABCNews, Huffington Post and others. (www.julielo.com)

Recent television appearances at the following: Fox 25 Boston, Better TV, WTLV-TV Jacksonville, Audioline Network, WPMT-TV, Harrisburg, WYYZ-AM, Atlanta, The Daily Buzz, WCIV-TV, Charleston,WFIN-AM, Toledo, KXYL-FM, Sweetwater TX, WXBR-AM, Boston, KGWN-TV, Cheyenne WY, WTVR-FM, Richmond, KTLF-AM, Minneapolis, KAZT-TV, Phoenix, WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee, KOLO-TV, Reno, KSIS-AM, Kansas City, WDIS-AM, Boston, Fox Hartford (p.s. did you know Julie was a Fox 61 WTIC Kids’ News Reporter back in 1997 and won a scholarship for her news reports?), NBC 30 Hartford (p.s. did you know Julie was once  an assignment editor at this station and worked as an intern for Dateline NBC), WPRI Rhode Show (p.s. did you know Julie was once a television reporter at this station?), KWCC-TV, Yakima, KASA-TV, Albuquerque, The Daily Buzz, WBMA-TV, Birmingham

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