How To Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

The fall and winter months can take a toll on our skin. According to the Harvard Health Publishing, low humidity, and other environmental factors, can often result in dry, red, and itchy skin. 

So, how can you keep skin moisturized and keep skin glowing all season long? While you may not always be able to escape the environment, there are ways to avoid the drying effects as much as possible.

Drink Water And Healthy Foods  – Sounds pretty simple, but boosting water intake can help moisturize from the inside, out. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, either.

Foods that contain a lot of water can also improve overall hydration. Like watermelon, berries, and greens. These healthy foods may also work on the cellular level to keep our skin nice and plump.

Review Your Skincare Routine – If your skin is feeling extra irritated, It may be time for a skincare product overhaul. Talk with your dermatologist about what hydrating skincare routine will work best for your skin.

According to Harvard Health, skin moisturizers help rehydrate the epidermis and seal in water. Look for these ingredients in products like humectants (to help attract moisture). Others like ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol, lecithin, and hyaluronic acid, are also good. Petroleum jelly or Aquaphor can also be used to help seal in moisture.

Some dermatologists suggest using a light exfoliator to reduce dead skin cells. Once the skin is exfoliated, a gentle face cleanser can get rid of yucky poor cloggers. Finally, use a water-boosting hydrating serum and moisturizer. This will help hold water in the skin longer.

Consider a Hydration Treatment – If your budget allows, complement your skincare routine with a moisturizing facial, hydrating mask, or a professional skin treatment every several weeks.

Use a Humidifier  – If your bedroom seems a bit dry, a humidifier can add moisture to the air while you sleep. A basic unit runs around $30 and can be found at department stores and Amazon.

Skip The Hot Shower  – While a long hot shower can feel good, it may also lead to dry, itchy skin. To prevent that, consider using cooler water (especially if your skin is a bit red after a shower). Some skin experts also prefer gentle cleansers, like Dove and Olay. Harsh shower gels and body washes can strip the skin of essential oils. Another tip? Pat yourself dry with a towel. No rubbing. And, apply body moisturizer immediately after to help lock in water.

Continue Sun Protection — While taking steps to keep the skin hydrated is important, protecting our skin from harmful UV rays should never be overlooked — even during the winter months. There are a variety of sunscreen products on the market. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends broad-spectrum products with an SPF of 30 or higher. For non-drying sunscreens, look for the word “moisturizing” on the label.