Get on The Gift List

Get on The Gift List

Julie has a knack for shopping. She’s a top gift guide reporter and her top picks are regularly featured on TV. Now, she’s teaming up with some of the top brands in the industry and bringing her gift guides to lifestyle television shows outlets across the country. Whether it’s finding the perfect Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Birthdays gift — Julie can do it!

“Julie has been on-air for the past decade showcasing some of her top holiday picks. The best exposure we could ask for!”

Here’s how she does it.

Creating the perfect guide…

When she first gets an assignment, Julie hits the malls.

“While online shopping drives the majority of sales, I still like to see products in person. This way I can gauge the quality and see how it’s performing in a retail setting,” says Julie.

Once scouring the stores, Julie will take her shopping quest online and also send out inquiries to top PR firms and brands to get early word of any trends. Other times, she gives products a test drive in her home.

“Last year for Christmas time, I heard about those squishy toys for kids. It wasn’t until my daughter started playing with it that I had a hunch it would be a hit for the holidays! I immediately put it into one of my guides for TODAY.”

Tips for brands and PR firms

Julie gets about 300 emails a day from brands and agencies looking to get coverage for their product. Sometimes its hard to stand out! Here’s some tips from Julie on how to get your product featured in one of her articles or on-air shows.

  • Use the first line of your email to wow me. Forget the intro. Julie often reads only the email previews on her phone. She’ll click if something grabs her attention! Her e-mail is
  • Make sure your product is available on more than a few websites. Amazon drives the lion’s share of product features.
  • Julie is open to product reviews — but typically only for non-news features and follows all FTC guidelines.
  • Sometimes Julie will actually feature a product months after getting the first word about it.
  • Ask about Julie’s latest television series for gifts. There could be an opening!
  • Be aware that many news outlets are now using referral links and editors always have the final word.

Sometimes, Julie also does meet-and-greets. Send her an email if you want to know when the next meet up is!

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