More Baby Boomers Seeking Cosmetic Procedures

By Julie Loffredi

A new study suggests that baby boomers are looking to “turn back the clock” in hopes of boosting confidence, as many re-enter the dating scene. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), those over the age of 55 are seeking procedures like liposuction, botox, and fillers. The newly released data also showed that nearly 50,000 more procedures were performed on those in that age group than in the previous year.

So, what’s with all the cosmetic work? The ASPS suggests that as the divorce rate rises for this age group, there are inevitably more boomers entering the dating world — and, in turn, seeking to improve their physical appearance and boost confidence. (Plus, online dating sites typically require a profile photo from users.)

So, what are baby boomers looking for in hopes of regaining their youthful appearance? Here’s a breakdown on some of the more popular procedures — and how much it may cost:


Last year, the baby boomer group accounted for nearly half of all eyelid surgeries and roughly two-thirds of facelifts.

A facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as:

  • Relaxation of the skin of the face causing sagging
  • Deepening of the fold lines between the nose and corner of the mouth
  • Fat that has fallen or has disappeared
  • Jowls in the cheeks and jaw
  • Loose skin and excess fat of the neck that can appear as a double chin or “turkey neck” (Source: ASPS)

Average Cost: $7,655


This procedure is often called “lipo” and aims to remove excess fat and contour the body.  Plastic surgeons say liposuction may be performed along with other surgeries, like a facelift, breast reduction or a tummy tuck.

Average Cost: $3,518

Hair Transplantation

There are many different types of hair replacement procedures available. A common hair transplantation surgery will require removal of small pieces of the hair-bearing scalp and then relocating to the patient’s bald or thinning area of the scalp.

Average Cost: Varies

Breast Augmentation

This surgery involves using implants or fat transfer to enlarge breast size. This procedure can also be done to increase breast volume or improve asymmetry.

Average Cost: $3,824


Botox is an injectable that aims to temporarily reduce or eliminate facial lines and wrinkles. Most doctors say forehead lines and crow’s feet are the most common areas to be treated. Fillers are also another popular injectable that can add volume and contour.

Average Cost: $397

To learn more about any surgical or non-surgical procedure, talk with a doctor specializes in plastic surgery




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