Planning the Perfect Long Weekend Getaway


(Broadry) — Long weekend vacations are a great way to hit reset. With the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, we can forget to stop and take a breath. Our favorite pastimes sit on the backburner, and our work, chores, and other responsibilities take over. If you’re starting to itch for some fresh air, a change of scenery, and a little freedom, it’s time to plan a weekend getaway!

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What Kind of Trip Should You Take?

Planes, trains or automobiles? There are pros and cons of all these forms of travel for a quick getaway. While air travel may seem like a lot of work for just a few days, it will allow you to visit a further distance and spend less time traveling to get there. A road trip is always a great way to take a long weekend, but you may end up spending a good chunk of your trip on the road if you plan to visit a destination that’s not nearby. An RV trip might be the perfect middle ground. You’ll have your accommodations with you the whole time, so spending time on the road will be much more enjoyable. You can also rediscover locations not too far from home, but it will still feel like a brand new adventure. Stop along the way to see the sights and choose from campgrounds with full hookups (meaning your RV will get running water and electricity) or dry camping (no hookup access).

Choose Your Destination

Are you dreaming of digging your toes into the sand? Would you love to get lost in the woods? Maybe hiking to a high mountain peak has always been on your bucket list. Any of these adventures will help you refresh and unplug for a little while. There is no better way to forget your responsibilities than to immerse yourself in nature. 

Who’s Coming with You

Will this be a family trip? Or perhaps a romantic getaway or solo adventure? Figuring out who’s coming along is definitely going to dictate your destination. Luckily, there’s an outdoor trip for everyone! There are plenty of hiking trails that are child-friendly, and just as many that will really challenge even the most avid of hikers. What says romance more than enjoying a drink while listening the waves crash? But what kid doesn’t want to run full-speed into the ocean? Consider where you want to visit most, and just tweak it to suit the people joining you on your adventure. Plus, many nature-filled trips are perfect for the pets you want to bring along too! 

Tips For a Successful Weekend Trip

When you are short on time, planning ahead is extra important. Having your ducks in a row will make for a stress-free trip packed with fun. 

Plan Ahead

Book your travel method and stays and have at least a loose itinerary ready to go. If you’re going on a road trip, map out good rest stops along the way, and if you’ll need to stay at a hotel or park your RV at a campsite, make those reservations before you hit the road. Do some research of the area and find restaurants you’d like to try, museums to visit, or hiking trails to conquer. 

Make your Budget

Figuring out your budget will also help you decide where to go and how to get there. Maybe plane tickets aren’t in the cards right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking an epic road trip! RVing is an option that can save you money but still take you on an exciting adventure. Your vehicle and place to sleep are all on board, plus you’ll have access to a kitchen, and we all know cooking our own meals is a huge cost saver! Don’t forget to budget for all the nitty gritty expenses as well: gas, food/snacks, entry fees, souvenirs, etc.

Pack Smart

You only get a few days, don’t pack for a few weeks! The beauty of a short trip means not having to haul tons of luggage around with you. Always check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Also consider what you plan to do on your trip. A trip with a lot of hiking and outdoor activities is going to require a very different wardrobe than a leisurely beach vacay with lots of dinners out. Your means of transportation comes into play here too. An RV might fit a lot more than a car, but keep in mind those are also your living quarters. If you can manage to fit your items into a carryon, you get to avoid waiting in line to pick up your suitcase at the airport, which means more time for fun!

Remember Why You’re Taking This Trip in the First Place

If you are planning this trip because you are ready to unplug and unwind, maybe don’t bring along every electronic you own. Really take this time to slow down and stare at the trees instead of the screen. If it’s to reconnect with your family, pack cards or board games and other activities you can do together. 

Get Everyone Involved

While your trip plans may not please everyone, try to get all that will be joining as engaged and excited as possible about the trip. If your kids aren’t jazzed about heading to D.C., let them choose some museums they’d like to visit. If a tropical vacation was trumped by a stay at a campsite, plan some excursions, like ATVs or a visit to a national park or sanctuary. If everyone feels like their opinions are being heard they will be much more likely to get on board with the plan.

Consider the Timing

Long weekends that fall on holidays are generally going to be much busier, with popular destinations being quite crowded. If you are able to take your weekend trip during an off-season time of year, you will likely find more available. On the flip side, some places close up during the off-season, so keep this in mind when you determine when you’d like to head. The summer season is busy, but you can guarantee that you will find plenty to do.

Last but not least, enjoy it! Soak up the freedom. Don’t think about your inbox or what’s waiting for you at home. Take this time to truly take in the places and people around you.

This article is by Broadry Newsroom and features tips from our members. If you purchase an item from a link in this article, that company may get commission from sales. 

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