RV Rental Interest Will Hold Even With Travel Resurgence

Broadry — The US Travel Association expects a travel resurgence this summer, with 63% of Americans reporting that they need a vacation desperately. Many have been asking, “Once people have the option to travel by plane will the RV travel trend slow down?” According to RVshare, the first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental website, RV rentals will continue to carve out a place in the industry even with the resurgence of travel. 

Owners that list with the rental platform made more on an average booking in the first quarter of 2021 than ever before and there were four times as many RV rental bookings in March compared to previous years. The majority of renters booking with RVshare are first-timers. Ahead of Memorial Day, RV bookings are up 50% and growing. 

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Why is RV travel still such a popular choice?

Now that people have gotten a taste of what it’s like to pack up and go, make stops wherever they choose along the way, and not deal with crowded airports or hotels, they are realizing that this way of traveling is a valid and enticing option. Before RVs were reminiscent of a looming vehicle parked in our grandparents’ driveways, but now they are a great way for couples, families and friends to get outside and explore, and are more synonymous with adventure than leisure (though there can be plenty of that too!).

In addition to being a fun way to experience nature and the outdoors, RV travel is a way to get from point A to point B comfortably and safely. With a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom all on board, the amount of stops you need to take on the way to your destination is greatly reduced. Not to mention cooking on board is a great way to save money. 

What makes RV travel different?

While you could tent camp as a means to enjoy a more nature-filled vacation, an RV brings together the best of both worlds — you can spend the night deep in the woods or next to crashing waves but you can do so from a cozy bed with a fully functioning bathroom. It really blends together the comforts of a home or hotel stay with the ruggedness of a camping trip. 

  • Comfortable amenities all on board, including a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen
  • Immerse yourself in nature with the comforts of home
  • Limited outside interaction, everything you need is on board!
  • Personalized and welcoming experience from real RV owners 
  • Make stops along the way and always have your home base
  • Stay in your favorite parks 

Why choose to rent an RV from a peer to peer platform?

Renting from a dealership is certainly an option, but renting from a peer to peer platform like RVshare will give you a very different, and much more personalized, experience. These RVs are lovingly maintained and cared for by their owners, and often used by them as well. You’ll notice cozy linens, inviting amenities, and must-have basics like cooking supplies on board. Many owners also offer extras like camping chairs, BBQ supplies and games. The owners on the RVshare platform want their guests to enjoy the RV lifestyle as much as they do, and making their RVs a comfortable and happy place to spend time is part of that.

There’s an option for everyone!

Whether you’re traveling solo or bringing along a large family, there is an RV out there that is perfect for your trip. Small pop up campers are one step above tent camping, meaning you’ll still enjoy a soft bed but the canvas sides make you feel closer to the outdoors. Perfect for a romantic getaway. Large Class A Motorhomes or travel trailers can easily accommodate a big family and often boast some pretty amazing amenities, like granite countertops, televisions and separate bedrooms. 

Hesitant to drive one of those larger RVs or tow a trailer? Many RV owners offer delivery! They will drive the RV to your campsite or destination for you, and even take care of set-up. That way you don’t have to worry about navigating the highways in a huge rig (though it’s truly easier than you might think!). This is also a great way to get first-hand training on using the various hookups that you’ll be using, such as electric and sewer. 

While we’re all excited to start getting back to normal, and can’t wait for the travel industry as a whole to bounce back, RV travel is here to stay. Many Americans have been introduced to this wonderful way to travel, a kind of upgrade to the Great American Road Trip. Anything that promotes connecting with our families and getting outside is certainly a step in the right direction.

Advertiser disclosure: Broadry features the latest travel news and trends from our members. If you buy something through a link on this article, that company may receive a commission.

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