Subscription Services You’ll Want To Check Out

By: Julie Loffredi National Content Desk

With many retail stores shutting their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s an online shopping boom underway. And, if you’ve ever considered a subscription service — now may be the time to do it. There’s a whole world of subscriptions to check out for just about everything, ranging from comfy at-home clothing to dog toys and treats. Here are a few to check out that during these unexpected times:

Try A Meal Service 

No doubt, curating a menu for you and your family takes a lot of time. First, you’re perusing Pinterest or blogs for new recipes to try. Then, you’re crafting a grocery list and gathering up all the ingredients you need. And, what about that spice you spent $12 on but only needed a teaspoon or two for your recipe?

Enter meal services. They strike a perfect balance: You’re likely not going out to dinner right now, but cooking dinner isn’t taking up your entire evening, either, because your meals are planned and your ingredients are pre-portioned. Plus, most meal services have different options to suit your tastes, whether that’s vegetarian or meals that will appease the whole family, including picky kiddos.

Our pick: Blue Apron. There are varying plans, including those curated for vegetarians and one for members who are following Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. The most popular is the 2-serving Signature Plan that comes with a choice of two or three recipes in each weekly delivery from a choice of eight unique options that switch up so your meal plans never get boring. Plans start at $60 a week.

Switch up Your At-Home Beauty Routine

The subscription service trend is especially booming in the beauty and skincare industry, giving the beauty-obsessed a chance to try new products—whether that’s an easy-gliding eyeliner, a newly released luxury perfume, or a nail polish in a shade you’d never think to pick for yourself, but end up loving.

There are oodles of beauty subscription boxes on the market, ranging from the popular Birchbox ($15 a month for a personalized box of haircare, skincare and makeup products) to the specialized Kinder Beauty, a vegan beauty subscription box that starts at $24 a month.

Our pick: Allure Beauty Box. This box is curated by the beauty experts at Allure magazine who, combined, test 50,000 products a year. Subscribers get a half dozen editor-approved products. The cost of the box is $15, but the value is up to $90.

Four more subscription boxes to try:

Nuuly is a new subscription service launched by URBN, the parent company of stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. For $88 a month, subscribers get six items of clothing that can be traded out each month.

BarkBox is for all those good boys and girls. The pet-approved subscription service includes dog chews, toys and treats starting at $22 a month.

Nomakenolife is for the K-Beauty obsessed. Each month, these boxes come with eight or nine innovative beauty products from Japan or Korea. (Think: Lipsticks that change color based on your body temperature). The boxes start at $31.50 per month.

Rowan is another newbie to the subscription box scene. The company offers an earring club membership for kids. Each box comes with a hypoallergenic pair of earrings. Starts around $23 a month.

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