The RV: the Modern Festival Essential

The RV: the Modern Festival Essential

Chances are, your Festival Essentials checklist does not currently mention any items weighing in at over 10,000 pounds. We’re suggesting an edit: if you’re alphabetizing, “Recreational Vehicle” fits quite nicely between “portable charger” and “sunglasses.” Can we convince you that an RV is as critical to your dream festival experience as front row spots, a gaggle of new friends, and a guest appearance from your favorite act? Here are a few points to put in the “absolute pro” column.

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Say it with me, now. Facilities

Wallowing in the mud for three uninterrupted days is so nineteen sixties. The civilized festival lover in you will be grateful for guaranteed access to a shower and running water whenever you need a refresh. And, not to mention, total avoidance of the dreaded porta potty lineup. 

A Fresh Breath of AC

Festival Veterans tend to get an automatic “earthy-crunchy” label, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend to enjoy blazing sun, humidity, and sweaty crowds all day long. With an RV, you’ll have an ideal place to cool down, recharge, and freshen up in between performances. 

Private Refreshment Stash

Don’t worry, you can still have a gritty-indie film, oddly glamorous PB&J in the dirt moment if that’s a critical piece of your festival journey. Or, depending on the festival, ample opportunity to purchase an insta-worthy fluorescent cocktail to go. But, after a long day under the sun, it’s nice to have a refrigerator full of cold drinks and a kitchenette stocked for a good meal to lean back on. Bonus: Midnight Snackers, access will never be an issue. 

A chance for Me-Time

We get it, the festival experience is all about embracing the community of free spirits and fellow music lovers. But, we can all benefit from a moment to breathe in the midst of all the action (lifelong friend-making, crowd surfing, jam-seshing, etc). Even if you don’t have a lone wolf bone in your body, the camper is a great place to recharge with your crew, talk with new friends, and relocate your party when you need a change of scenery. 

The Clincher: a real-life bed

The successful festival experience is marked by action-packed days and party-all-nights. That said, you’re going to want to make the best of what little sleep you can afford to squeeze in. Sleeping in a tent or under the stars sounds great in theory, but you’ll thank yourself for a comfortable bed in a reliable enclosure when it’s time to rally for another day of fun. 

If you’ve read all this and think “well that sounds great, but I don’t own an RV”, don’t stress! Easily rent an RV from RVshare. With thousands of options nationwide, you can find the perfect one for you, from campervans to luxury motorhomes. Your best festival accessory is only a few clicks away.

Reporting by Grace McCarty


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