Award winning television news journalist Julie Loffredi, who has appeared on TODAY show, Fox News Channel, The Travel Channel and other media outlets, announced today the launch of a new video campaign to encourage discussion, advice and provide inspiration to travelers. Find the YouTube channel here.

The new online series, produced by Loffredi, explores a variety of travel topics and features some of the world’s top travel influencers and experts. Viewers can also engage with the content by using the hashtag #travelworryfree on social media channels.

The first season features interviews with Fodor’s Cruise Expert Doug Stalling, Fodor’s Disney Expert Perrie Hartz, Disney Moms Panel Expert Jodi Grundig, Belle Mer Wedding Planner Nichole Wardle, money saving expert Andrea Woroch and efficiency expert Kristin MacRae. Upcoming segments will feature travel influencers like Sherry Ott and exciting travel destinations like New York City, Newport, NYLO, Providence Hotel and more.

“The idea is to get people excited about travel and inspire them. The series was produced like a video pinterest board, featuring an array of insights on popular travel topics like packing for a trip or applying for a passport. It’s a fun way to experience new tips and tricks to help plan your next vacation,” says Loffredi.

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